Das Wilde/ The Wild. documenta-Halle, 2017. Photos: Nicolas Wefers

Examen 2017

Group show curated by Anja Lückenkemper

documenta-Halle, Kassel, Germany, 2017


Drawings: Graphite on Paper, dimensions between 42x30cm and 125x90cm

Display: MDF, wood and glass

Display design: Ida Lorbach. Realization together with Uwe Leifheit


Artist´s publication: Text and Design by Ida Lorbach.

Printed at Riso print workshop KHK. Edition of 25. Texts in German and English.


Display for publications by Examen Lab

(Christian Hermann, Pascal Heussner, Marie Kammler, Jero van Nieuwkoop)

Installation views by Nicolas Wefers


Thanks to Charlotte Hermann, Melanie Mendetzki and Uwe Leifheit